Remembering Mnemonics

Daily Prompt Mnemonic

This blog is used as a mnemonic for me. As I mentioned before, my memory SUCKS!!

There are things that I remember but it’s the little details that I don’t like forgetting. I like going back to read my posts because it reminds me of how I felt at that moment. It helps me to remember that love. It helps me to even remember the pain. It reminds me of the happiness.

I often save messages so I don’t forget the things people have said to me. I remember the bad so I can remember why I cut you off. I remember the good to remind myself of how important you are to me.

I keep messages from my friends because I forget about our plans and apartment numbers! 😂😭

I’ve kept love notes to remind myself that I am loved. It gives me the same feeling that I had the first time. Even if I never get any more, I remember how you once felt about me.

I keep pictures to remember how I used to complain about how “fat” I was but I really wasn’t! Or, to remember how FAT I really was so I’ll never go back to that!

Speaking of mnemonics…

What happens in relationships to make people forget about those little things that they used to do or say? Is it because you’ve gotten used to simple things? Is it because you’ve gotten comfortable? How do you stop doing the things that made someone fall in love with you then get upset when they don’t feel the same?

If you sent messages every day, then stopped, how do you expect your lover to feel?

If you used to kiss your lover every morning when you woke up but stopped, how do expect them to feel?

WE have to try to remember the things that made us, or them, happy and to keep doing it. Whether it’s saving things, making reminders or writing blogs…don’t forget.

That’s all I have to say about that…bye bye 👋🏾

Original Tiffany LaBett©


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